This is what will happen when Minwoo’s fans don’t bring food support to the TV show he attends. “M’s fans,You are going to be dead”


Eric the fire (extinguisher) breathing leader of Shinhwa

How it will look when EXO covers Shinhwa’s “Brand New" on 90:2014


Calling all Shinhwa Changjo!

As we all know, Shinhwa’s had a rough year. They haven’t had many activities, and they’ve been through a lot. We support them, and we still care even if they’re not promoting - to show them that, we’re starting the Shinhwa Wishing Stars project!

“Whenever a lucky star is made, a falling star is saved.”

What is it?

Origami wishing stars, a.k.a lucky stars, are based on a Japanese story. These are folded with care and given as a blessing. There are different meanings associated with different numbers of stars.

What will Shinhwa receive?

Shinhwa will receive a package with two items.

  1. A jar of stars that have messages written inside
  2. A booklet of all the hand-written messages for them to see

We will write the wishes onto the strips of star paper before folding them into little stars. The end product will be a jar filled with miniature stars, each one containing a wish.

How to I participate?

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The date was put on hold when Levi found out it was Eren and Jean who messed with the tables and chairs. Petra only sighed as she watched Levi chase after them. The date was later rescheduled to the next night.

~Mod Levi


Rivetra forever. (Credit littletinydots)



Rough day

Yes yes yes


Rough day

Yes yes yes


Artist: ムスビ

Translated By: Nonsense-Shit