First before I begin this rant I am NOT putting down girls with perms?relaxers these are my experiences and this is more of a rant so I don’t mean to offend but if you get Offended don’t take it to the heart.Don’t you hate it when girls with relax hair come up to you and says “Girl,I couldn’t be natural.” or “My momma would never let me go natural or get protective styles.” and”Why don’t you get a Perm/relaxer?” Or try to tell you about natural hair/styles when they’re the ones with a perm!!! I’m sorry I just can’t with that,like why are you sitting up here trying to tell me one or two things about my hair when you’re hair is dryer than the Sahara desert?!?! Saying conditioner will break your hair off . Forreal and it is NOT bad to get a protective style at all. I know somebody who was saying she would never get a protective style (she has a perm) and this year she got highlights and it looks like she has damage or breakage so she’s the last person to be talking about how to grow hair.But It’s cool that’s just something I need to get of my chest.